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Google Analytics on your iTouch or iPhone

There are few things in life as addictive as the need to check your various web stats. once you start creating a web presence; be it a web site, social media, internet marketing, or blogging you immediately adopt the patience of a child in the back of a car wanting to know if we are nearly there yet. Checking the numbers of visitors to your site can become quite compulsive stuff.

There have always been ways of tracking your visitor numbers but Google analytics has turned this service into an easy to use product providing detailed visitor statistics. This of course not only lets you know how well you are doing but gives you clues as to how you could make improvements.

The Google analytics web site doesn’t work on the iPhone or Touch due to their inability to handle Flash but if you really want to check your stat’s on the move you do have a few options.

Analytics App by

This is a comprehensive application with all of the features you would expect plus a few more. It is nicely designed, easy to use and has some very good user reviews. One key feature that makes this app really stand out is its “Today” report, Something that Google doesn’t even have on its website. This app is currently the most expensive of the group

Analytics Agent Pro by Global Agent

Analytics Agent Pro is another fully featured application with very good user reviews. In my opinion this application has some of the easiest to read and most attractive graphs and displays of the bunch. In use I found this app a little less intuitive than Analytics App.

Analytics Pro by Cart Hero, LLC

This app seems to work a little differently. Rather than interpreting the data in its own way it looks like you are viewing snapshots of the Google Analytics website pages. The pages are presented in a long list and It feels a little like you are viewing a pdf document.

BAM Analytics by Blast Advanced Media

At the time of writing this app was free. It doesn’t offer the extensive infomation of other apps but if all you want is a quick view of your basic visits, views and activity this app is quite good. Its simplicity makes it quick and easy to use.

Touchlytics by Newstreet Software

Another extensive, feature-rich application, easy to use application. It clearly presents its information and is the only one that supports landscape view.

Which one of the above you select will probably depend on your requirements and budget. Analytics App, Analytics Agent Pro and Touchlytics are all fully featured and competent apps. I think if your budget permits, the “Today” data you get with Analytics app gives it the edge. The best value for money app is almost certainly Analytics Agent Pro. If all you require is basic data then you can’t go far wrong with the free BAM Analytics.

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